Sheffa Is a food company located in NYC. They manufacture the best Granola and savory bars, salad sprinkles and snacks. All of these are made from natural ingredients, no sugar, no gluten and very tasty.
We met Amots, the founder and owner of Sheffa, who gave us a brief. We started working on the logo and designs of the bars. There are seven different tastes so we had to think of a concept that fits all of them and make a series that would look good visually and represent all the product values.
Designing the bar package series was a lot of work, but very challenging and rewarding. Then, we moved on to designing a box we named the “Flight meal” which contains a granola bar, savory bar and a Dip in, to be offered as a meal in US Internal Flights.
You can see in this page the results of our hard work, including the accessories and prints we designed for this project. Enjoy!

sheffa flight meal box design
sheffa shopping bags design
sheffa snack packages design

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